The team at 20 Pearls Party Planning and Event Management specializes in creating unique experiences for our clients who want to host an event that celebrates an important life moment. Typically, we see this to be a…

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Holiday Gathering
  • Family Appreciation
  • Special Life Changing Celebration
  • Dinner Party
  • Or other special celebrations, ask and we will let you know if we can assist!

We are here to help you take your event to the next level and create an experience your guests will remember. We carefully work through a theme, menu, design, and so much more!

Here’s what we include:

  • Brainstorming a theme for the celebration.
  • Finding a venue for the event. Types of venues our clients look for us to explore tend to be: Private Homes, Private Club, Restaurants, Hotels, unique Venues (lofts, warehouses, etc.)
  • Menu planning that fits the theme and style of service. We can create unique and fun food stations to a plated meal, to a fully passed dinner. This also includes customizing a bar selection and cocktails for the evening.
  • Creating a unique production design that includes everything from table top décor, lighting, linens, chairs, tables, fully customized props, audio visual needs, furniture and so much more!
  • Securing themed entertainment for the event. This includes a DJ, a live band, or costumed servers.
  • Vendor recommendations for other event day services including (but not limited too) photographyphoto boothvideographycustom cakes (works great for birthday celebrations!)
Other Services
Creating Invitations
Securing Hair and Makeup for the Host

To learn more about how our planning and
production services can assist you!

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